Exploring human interaction and connection at the intersection of the physical and virtual worlds.

We harness technical, artistic and anthropological practice to create immersive products and experiences that move people.


A persistent and shared AR layer to the world is becoming a reality.

To ensure greatest relevance it's audience should also be it's creator.

Hot Dark Matter brings you zero code AR building tools, enabling you to create and share persistent AR games & experiences.

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Defining new creative production techniques that merge photography, film and Unreal Engine real-time 3D environments to deliver world class fashion content.

Collaborating with the Incubator Team at Harvard, we explore how immersive technologies transform educational content.

Through in-depth design consultancy, and the subsequent design, production and release of three prototypes (1* VR, 2* AR).

Harvard - VR Focus:

An exploration into how daily mindfulness practice can improve cognitive ability with daily guided meditation sessions and cognitive training mini-games.

Harvard - God Mode:

Using AR to offer multi-threaded interactive case studies. Jump between characters and make outcome defining decisions from each of their perspectives.

Harvard - AirNotes:

Leave persistent, geo-spatial AR topic reminders and content portals at the locations that matter to you.

Integrating learning and discovery into your daily flow of life and work.

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Founded by Daniel, Julian and Ratko who over the past 15 years have built a reputation for creating groundbreaking spatial experiences, products and content across the spectrum of immersive technologies.

We’ve worked with and for many of the most recognisable technology companies and brands, including:

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